The Chat Plugin integrates your Facebook Page’s messages directly into your website. This allows your website visitors or customers to inquire with your page anytime with the same experience in Messenger.

It automatically loads the recent chat history between the Facebook account of the website visitor and your page.

Setting up

To include the Messenger Chat Plugin on your website, it’s recommended to use the Facebook Setup Tool on Facebook Business Suite. Also verify that your account has admin privileges on the Facebook page.

  1. Go to Inbox > Chat Plugin

Consideering a career in software development in the Philippines

There’s a common misconception among Filipinos (including most of my relatives) that people who pursue to get a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology are bound to get a job fixing computers, being call center agents, or even worse - repairing appliances.

Granted, there isn’t much information in the media surrounding the IT industry in the Philippines (ironic isn’t it?) but IT isn’t simply just fixing computers or hacking your neighbor’s WiFi. It’s a broad subject which ranges from computer hardware, software, operating systems, databases, and so on…

Reading the title you might ask,

What does a software developer…

A beginner’s guide for creating web scrapers with Python

Introduction to Web Scraping

Have you ever browsed through website after website scrolling section over section collecting data? Perhaps you have a homework where you’re supposed to gather information from several countries?

If the answer is yes, web scraping is for you!

According to Wikipedia,

Web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction is data scraping used for extracting data from websites.

From collecting all your Facebook posts, getting all Twitter tweets from someone, or even getting all item prices in your favorite eCommerce website, web scraping just makes this easier and faster.


Before we begin, you should at least have basic knowledge in…

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